If the document you are using to prove Right to Work/Identity is in your different name, we will need a Change of Name document to link your new name to your previous name.

Any such information must be matched with a supporting document that recognises the name change. This might include but is not exclusive to:

Marriage or civil partnership certificate

Decree absolute/civil partnership dissolution certificate

Deed Poll Certificate

Recognition Certificate.

If you have changed your name multiple times from when you used the name on your Right to Work/Identity document, we need a trail of each name to the next.

Onfido will not pass your Right to Work report without this, so when prompted for an additional document, please upload this file to them directly.

Alternatively, if you are looking to change your name in Florence when you are already booking shifts, simply send a copy of your Change of Name document to [email protected], and we will approve this change on our side.

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