In Scotland, in order to continue your career in care as a Carer, you need to be registered with the SSSC within 6 months of joining Florence.

If we do not receive your SSSC number by the 6 month mark, you will not be able to book shifts until you send this in.

In order to apply for your SSSC, please go to

When you register you will be prompted to pick a company to register under, please pick FLORENCE STAFFING LTD, and pick Lauren Clark as your countersignature.

Once payment has been made to SSSC, your number will appear on the register, please note that any SSSC numbers that you have received before payment has been made will be rejected until said SSSC number appears on the register.

If you are new to joining Florence, you can input the number ‘0000000’ in order to bypass this stage, however this needs to be replaced within 6 months of your compliant date with Florence.

Please note that acquiring your SSSC number can take up to 12 weeks from initial registration with SSSC.

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