Why has my SSSC number been rejected?
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There are a few reasons why we might not be able to verify your Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) number.

The most common reasons are:
• Your SSSC number is in a different name.
• Your application payment hasn't gone through, so your application hasn’t been submitted to the SSSC.
• Your SSSC renewal payment hasn't gone through, so your number is no longer showing on the register.
• You haven't met the SSSC qualification requirements.

The easiest way to find out what’s happened is to contact the SSSC directly (https://www.sssc.uk.com/contact-us/).

If you have any questions or issues with the SSSC registration process, you can find help here (www.sssc.uk.com/registration/registration-mysssc-faqs).

When you initially join Florence, you can input the number ‘0000000’ in the SSSC box to continue your Florence application. However, you'll need to provide your own SSSC number within six months of joining Florence.

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