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What is an acceptable photo for my Florence ID?
What is an acceptable photo for my Florence ID?
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We'll ask you to submit a photo during the registration process so that we can create a Florence ID badge for you.

It's important that this photo is clear and professional, because this is what our care organisations will use to identify you when you arrive for a shift.

Here are some tips to make sure your photo meets our criteria:
• Photos should be taken against a white or light-coloured background.
• Only your shoulders and above should be visible.
• Dress professionally, and don't forget to smile.
• Don't use filters.
• Make sure your photo isn't blurry.

Once you've registered with an acceptable photo, you should receive your ID badge in the post within seven working days. If you’ve been waiting more than seven working days, please let us know on our live chat or at [email protected].

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