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What should I expect during my nurse interview?
What should I expect during my nurse interview?
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If you're registering to join us as a nurse in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you'll need to attend an interview with our branch nurse. The interview shouldn't last more than 30 minutes.

Before this in-person interview, you'll be asked to prove your identity with a photo ID – for example a driver's licence or a passport – using our online interview platform, Willo.

During your in-person interview, we'll go through your experience and let you know what we expect from you. We'll also ask some questions to check you have the clinical skills and knowledge to work with Florence.

Please make sure you have your NMC PIN available, as we'll check it during your interview. If you have any restrictions or warning referrals on your NMC PIN, this is the best time to tell us about them.

Once you've completed the interview, we'll make a final decision on your application. If you're approved, the nurse interview section will appear as complete on your profile.

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