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What do I do if I have gaps in my work history?
What do I do if I have gaps in my work history?
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When you register to join Florence, we'll ask you about your work history and previous experience as a care professional.

If you're joining us as a nurse, we'll need to see five years of work history. If you're joining us as a care assistant, we'll need to see three years.

If you worked through an agency, please state this clearly in your work history.

For example: Florence Agency - Florence Care Home.

Please only include the time you actually worked in the care home, rather than the time you were employed by the agency.

If you have a gap in your work history longer than one month, you'll need to include a short explanation why.

For example, if you had a break from work to take care of children, include this explanation in your work history as “Time off to take care of children”, and tell us the months that you were away from work.

Once there are no unexplained gaps of more than one month, your work history section will be marked as complete.

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