Why has my reference been rejected?
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If one of your references has been rejected, this might be because:

• A nurse referee has entered an incorrect NMC pin.
• The reference doesn’t include enough information.
• The reference is the same as one already on your profile.
• The referee has used a personal, rather than a professional, email address.
• We can't verify the referee's company.
• The referee isn’t senior enough.
• The referee denies providing the reference.
• Your reference doesn’t match your work history.
• We can't use the reference to prove your minimum work experience.
• The referee has a caution or interim suspension associated with their NMC pin.
• We can't use the reference to confirm your clinical experience.

You can find out who you can use as a reference here (link: https://help.florence.co.uk/en/articles/6175894-who-can-i-use-as-a-reference).

Important: Your first reference needs to come from a UK source to confirm your UK-based care experience. If you've provided an overseas reference as your first reference, this is another reason it may have been rejected.

If you have any questions about references, get in touch on live chat or at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

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