Do certificates expire?
Written by Isabel Clift
Updated over a week ago

We recommend completing courses annually (ever year).

In the care sector information changes, guidance gets updated, and new processes and procedures get introduced regularly.

We update our courses as often as we can to make sure they remain up-to-date. This is why it is important to complete courses annually.

Do certificates have an expiry date?

No. Florence Academy certificates show a date you completed the course. They do not show an expiry date. Certificates are most often used to apply for a job. If you are using your certificates to apply for a job within care, it is up to the employer to judge whether your certificate is valid. The employer may have their own rules around how often you need to complete training. Adding an expiry date suggests the learning is invalid when this may not be the case.

Will I be reminded to re-take any courses?

Yes. For courses that you completed over a year ago your will receive a reminder email to complete again.

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