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What is the Florence Academy portfolio?
What is the Florence Academy portfolio?
Written by Isabel Clift
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Your Florence Academy portfolio is an easy way to share your achievements and experience with recruiters and employers – or anyone else you’d like.

In your portfolio you can:

  • See your Florence Academy certificates in one place.

  • View and buy certificates for courses you've finished.

  • Add other certificates, work history and top skills.

How to find your portfolio:

  • Log in to your Florence Academy account.

  • Click on Portfolio, next to My Learning in the top menu.

How to share your portfolio:

  • Toggle your portfolio to public with the ‘Public profile’ button on the left side. You'll see a link you can copy and share. When a person follows the link, they will see your portfolio.

  • You can also download a PDF version of your portfolio, which you can send to others as an attachment.

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