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Can I find a permanent job through Florence Academy?
Can I find a permanent job through Florence Academy?
Written by Isabel Clift
Updated over a week ago

Yes. Find a permanent job in care through Florence Academy Match. All you need to do is set yourself as 'Open-to-work.

How does it work?

It's easy.

  • You add your experience, training, skills, and personal profile to the Portfolio area.

  • Add details of the kind of job you are looking for.

  • Care employers post a job advert.

  • You will be automatically matched to job adverts that meet your requirements.You will be matched to jobs that are in your location and require your skills and experience.

If you already work in care, your current employer won't be able to see you are 'Open-to-work'. only our selected employers will.

This video shows you what to do.

What should I do today?

  • Sign up or log in to Florence Academy

  • Navigate to Portfolio

  • On your Portfolio, click "Open to Work" toggle on

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