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What is Florence Academy Match?
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What is Florence Academy Match?

Match is a new way of connecting with care professionals who are looking for jobs. Professionals who are taking courses on Academy can choose to make themselves open to work which means they can be matched to job opportunities.

Why is Match great?

There are 15,000 care professionals verified as active on Florence Academy, with over 200,000 registered across the UK. We understand recruitment is a revolving door at times. Match helps bring the right people to you; engaged, relevant candidates.

Match is a bespoke matching service. Your posted jobs cannot be seen by just anyone. Instead, they are sent directly to care professionals who are looking for a permanent job. Match takes the pain out of sifting through applications by automatically showing you candidates that meet your requirements.

How does Match work?

  • Briefly describe your organisation for prospective applicants.

  • Post your job, and we'll notify you when matched with applicants.

  • Review candidates on their Academy profiles and select whom to contact.

  • We'll alert you when your chosen candidates respond, allowing you to continue conversations off-platform.

  • Once you've identified your ideal candidate, mark them as hired.

How are matches made?

Our algorithm takes your requirements and finds candidates who meet your needs. This includes:

  • Role type

  • Full/Part time

  • Sponsorship required/provided

  • Valid UK driving license

  • Accommodation provided/required

  • Daily shift schedule, eg. Day/Night/Flexible

  • Weekly shift schedule Mon-Fri/Weekends/Flexible

Won’t I get matched with my own staff members?

No. Any person who gets access to Florence Academy through their workplace is excluded from matching. They won’t appear in your matches. Only, public learners who have set their profile as being ‘Open to work’ will show. This means there’s no risk of your staff seeing job posts.

How much does Match cost?

Right now during our testing phase, it's free. We will let you when this changes.

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