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Managing internal staff overtime with Auto-fill
Managing internal staff overtime with Auto-fill

This article explains how Auto-fill can help you keep track of overtime shifts.

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With auto-fill, you can post vacant shifts to your own staff first. They only become available to Florence staff if your own staff can’t pick them up. This article explains how it works and the benefits of using it.

What is 'Auto-fill'?

Auto-fill is the name of the feature that allows you to post shifts to your own staff. It makes it easier for you to fill overtime shifts internally, meaning a better experience for you and your staff, whilst also keeping agency costs under control.

When you post shifts using Auto-fill it clearly shows the order in which your staff and Florence staff will see the available shift(s).

The benefits:

Easier to manage

Your staff will automatically get notified about any available shifts by text, no more stressful calling, emailing or texting. You'll see who applies, and can choose who gets the shift. If there's no one available, the shift will automatically get sent to Florence staff.

Empower employees

Your staff receive a text message with the available shifts that you've posted. No login is needed and they can review and apply for shifts at the tap of a button.

Keep spend on track

Overtime and agency shifts are kept in one place and your own staff are guaranteed to see the shift first. This means that it's easier to keep track of who picks up the shift and whether they're your own staff or not.

How it works:

  1. Add your own staff to Florence, they'll get a different experience compared to Florence staff and won't have to download an app

  2. Post a shift and choose 'Auto-fill'

  3. We'll send your staff a text message with the available shifts first - if no one is available, we'll send the shift to Florence staff without you needing to lift a finger

  4. Both Florence staff and your own staff have to apply to the shift to give you control over who works each shift (this is dependent on your settings)

  5. Staff will be notified that they have been accepted for the shift and can cancel if their availability changes

How to add my own staff:

Adding your own staff couldn't be easier and we've created two different options depending on which works best for you.

Direct invite

  • Add some basic details for the staff member and invite them to see overtime shifts

  • They will receive a text message to let them know they’ve been added, and will be able to see shifts straight away

Invitation link

  • Copy a link and send to staff over email or WhatsApp

  • Alternatively, download a QR code poster from this same page to print out and put up somewhere your staff will see it (e.g. staff room / office)

  • When staff sign up, you'll be notified to check their details and assign them to a unit before they can see shifts

After they're added

  • Staff won't have to download an app

  • When shifts are available they'll be sent a text message, with a link to apply

  • They'll be notified again if their application is accepted

  • Your own staff won't see any rates or info specific to agency staff from Florence

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