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Submit NHS timesheets in the app
Submit NHS timesheets in the app
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Exciting news for our NHS nurses and healthcare assistants - you can now submit your NHS timesheets directly in the Florence app.

In a few taps, you get faster timesheet approvals and faster payments - what could be better?

Here’s how you submit timesheets for NHS shifts:

- 1. Update your paper timesheet at the end of your NHS shift as normal

- 2. Snap a pic of the timesheet with your phone

- 3. Open the Florence app, tap ‘Timesheets’ and select your shift

- 4. Update the shift details on screen, making sure they match your paper timesheet details

- 5. Add the pic of your timesheet and hit ‘Send for approval’

Your timesheet will be submitted and you’ll get a notification when it’s approved, as well as when you get paid. Easy!

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