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How does the rating system work for Florence care professionals?
How does the rating system work for Florence care professionals?
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Ratings for our care professionals are split into six categories:
Punctuality - Arriving in sufficient time for an effective handover.
Documentation - Documenting actions clearly and appropriately.
Safety - Prioritising patient safety throughout a shift.
Effectiveness - Performing duties effectively and to the best of their abilities.
Care - Treating patients with compassion, dignity and respect.
Reliability - Based on interaction with Florence.

All ratings are out of a maximum of 5.

The first five categories are rated by our client care organisations. When you approve a timesheet, you will be asked to rate the care professional on these factors. This is anonymous, and your feedback is factored into the average visible on the person’s profile.

Reliability is worked out based on the care professional's interaction with Florence. It's influenced by the number of shifts they've worked against the number they've cancelled. Each cancellation will bring down the rating, which starts at 5.

Care professionals can see these averaged ratings on their profile, so they can see what they're doing well and what they might need to improve.

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