It is important to approve a timesheet in a timely manner as this is a vital step in the worker’s payment process. 

To approve a timesheet:

  1. Click onto ‘Timesheets’ and this will then automatically take you to those that are ‘awaiting approval’ 

  2. Select ‘Review Timesheet’

  3. Check that the information is correct:

  • If yes - select ‘approve’. You will then be able to rate the individual and how they were on the shift

  • If no - select ‘reject’. You will then be able to leave a message including the reasons as to why this has been rejected so that the worker can make the adjustment

If there is an issue with a timesheet, such as wrong start and finish times, please do reject the timesheet so that the changes can be made. Delaying the approval of timesheets will then delay that person’s payment.

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