How do I approve a timesheet?
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It's important to approve timesheets as soon as possible as this allows our care professionals to be paid on time.

Delaying the approval of a timesheet will delay that person’s payment.

That's why our deadline for timesheet approval is 3pm on Wednesdays. You'll receive weekly email notifications to remind you to review any pending timesheets.

To approve a timesheet:
1. Click onto ‘Timesheets’ and this will automatically take you to those that are ‘awaiting approval’.
2. Select ‘Review Timesheet’.
3. Check that the information is correct.
• If yes - select ‘approve’. You'll then be able to rate the care professional's performance on the shift.
• If no - select ‘reject’. You'll then be able to leave a message including the reasons why this has been rejected so that the care professional can edit their timesheet accordingly.

If there's an issue with a timesheet, such as the wrong start or finish times, please reject the timesheet so that the changes can be made.

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