How to post a pre-arranged shift
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You can use Pre-Arranged Shifts when you'd like to work with a preferred Florence care-giver, instead of placing the shift publicly on Florence.

  • Set up the shift on Florence, hitting the 'Pre-Arranged' button on the summary page

  • The care-giver will receive a direct invite for the shift

  • If they do not pick it up in 24 hours, the shift will go public on Florence

  • You can send extra invites at any time if you want to

1. Select the unit and site

  • Select the shift unit and site agreed

2. Choose a shift preset

  • Choose the shift preset needed

3. Choose when you need cover

  • Select the shift date

4. Hit the 'Pre-Arranged' button

  • Hit the 'Pre-Arranged' button at the bottom of the page to set up as a Pre-Arranged Shift.

5. Invite care-giver

  • Choose the care-giver you've spoken to to invite to the shift.

  • Hit the arrow icons at either side of the list of names to scroll staff you've worked with.

6. Get confirmation

  • See success page - this page will confirm:

  • The shift invite will only be seen by the person you have sent it to

  • The invite will be private to the recipient for 24 hours

  • The shift will be posted publicly to Florence after 24 hours if not accepted

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