How do I get an ID badge?

As soon your account is marked as compliant, your ID badge will be sent. Please take a valid form of photo ID with you to any shift until you receive your Florence ID badge.

Please note delivery times can take up to 7-10 working days. If you haven’t received your ID badge within 10 working days, please do let us know and we can get a new one re-issued.

When can I order my first uniform?

SCOTLAND: If you are based in Scotland you can order a Florence uniform in the Florence Flex app once you’re registered. Your order will be processed once you have booked your first shift.

REST OF THE UK: If you are based outside of Scotland, please be patient and you will be able to order in the next few weeks. Please continue to wear a plain scrub top for now. In the meantime ensure that you either have one already or take the time to purchase one. Any plain tunic without a logo should suffice as a uniform. If you do not currently have a uniform, you can purchase one from Harveys or Alexandra. We will let you know when we are able to provide uniforms in England again.

Is my uniform free?

Yes, you will be sent 1 uniform free of charge.

How do I order my uniform?

Workers in Scotland can order a uniform through the Florence Flex app. Requests for uniforms made outside the app (eg by email, call or live chat) won’t be accepted.

How many uniforms will I get per order?

You will get one uniform.

What sizes are available?

Sizes range from XXS to 3XL. Our uniforms are unisex and tend to run large, so please check the sizing charts carefully before placing your order.

What is the uniform?

Uniforms are a unisex scrub top in high quality material. They have two front pockets and one top pocket.

Where will my uniform be sent?

You will set your uniform’s delivery address when placing your order in the app. Please make sure the address you use is correct.

When will I get my uniform?

You will be sent your uniform once you are a compliant Florence worker. Delivery times can vary based on your location. Orders are sent weekly, however an incomplete compliance, postal delays, and the wrong address may mean this could take longer.

Do you offer returns/exchanges?

We don’t currently offer returns or exchanges, so please make sure you order your uniform in the correct size and with your correct details.

I made a mistake on my order, can my order be changed?

We unfortunately aren’t able to make changes to your order after it’s been placed in the app. To avoid mistakes, please make sure to double check all details when you place an order.

In case of any other queries please contact us on [email protected].

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