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How to track your referrals
My referral’s status is ‘Denied’ - what does that mean?
My referral’s status is ‘Denied’ - what does that mean?
Written by Isabel Clift
Updated over a week ago

‘Denied’ means your referral has attempted to sign up through your referral link, but has been blocked from continuing. They won't be tracked as your referral, and won't earn a referral reward.

Why has my referral been denied?

In most cases, your referral has been denied because they have used the same email address to sign up for Florence in the past, before receiving a referral link.

In a small percentage of cases, they have been denied because our fraud blocking rules have been triggered.

Tapping on a ‘denied’ status in the app looks like this:

The date the friend was referred on and denied is shown at the bottom of the screen.

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