A PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) is an enhanced Police Check required for you to work in the care sector in Scotland, managed by Disclosure Scotland.

In order to start picking up shifts with Florence, we need to apply for a PVG on your behalf through our Organisation. We will apply for both Adults and Children Membership status for you so this won’t have to be added at a later date.

Payment of £59.00 to Disclosure Scotland is required in order to progress with your application, however, this will be reimbursed after you have completed your first shift with us.

To apply for a new PVG, please send a copy of Proof of Address (dated in the last 3 months) with the subject ‘New PVG Request’ to [email protected] .

Once an application has been made from our side, you will receive an email from Disclosure Scotland with a link to your part of the application and for payment to be made.

Please note that if payment of £59.00 is not made within 7 days of the application, a new application will have to be made.

PVGs can take up to 6 weeks for Florence to receive the results of a new PVG.

If you have a conviction that you believe will be flagged on your PVG please click here for more information.

By submitting your application for a PVG you are confirming that you have the relevant experience in order to work with Florence. If this cannot be confirmed through satisfactory references you won’t be eligible for reimbursement.

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