What do I do if I need a PVG?
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A Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) certificate is an enhanced police check that's required to work in the care sector in Scotland.

Before you start picking up shifts with Florence, we'll need to apply for a new or updated PVG on your behalf through our organisation. We'll apply for both protected adult and child membership status for you.

You'll need to pay £59.00 to Disclosure Scotland as part of your application, but we'll reimburse you once your police checks have cleared and you've worked your first shift with Florence.

To start your PVG application, please send proof of your address dated in the last three months with the subject ‘New PVG request’ to [email protected].

Proof-of-address documents we can accept include:
• Utility bill (except mobile phone).
• Bank or building society statement.
• Credit card statement.

If you’ve never been issued with a PVG before, you'll need to explain why. (For example, if you previously worked in England where only a DBS is required and you've recently moved to Scotland.)

Once we've made an application on your behalf, you'll get an email from Disclosure Scotland with a link to complete your part of the application, including payment.

If payment is not made within seven days, we'll need to apply for the PVG again.

It can take up to six weeks for your PVG to be issued.

If you have a conviction that you think will be flagged on your PVG, find out what to do here (LINK:https://help.florence.co.uk/en/articles/6158429-i-have-a-conviction-on-my-pvg).

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