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I'm on a Skilled Worker visa. How do I prove my right to work in the UK?
I'm on a Skilled Worker visa. How do I prove my right to work in the UK?
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From April 2022, right-to-work checks in the UK have changed. This means we can't use Biometric Residence Permits (BRP), Biometric Residence Cards (BRC) or Frontier Worker Permits (FWP) alone as proof of your right to work in the UK.

Getting a share code to prove your right to work
If you're on a Skilled Worker visa (previously a T2 visa), it's simple to use the Home Office online service to get a share code that proves your right to work in the UK.

You can request this through the GOV.UK website here (link: We'll need your share code as part of your registration, and we'll usually ask for this during your online interview on Willo.

If your share code is in a different name than your current legal name, find out what to do here (

Once your right to work has been confirmed, we'll update your registration automatically.

Other documents needed
Our compliance team will also need to see your certificate of sponsorship. This should show your personal details and your occupational code.

If you don't have your certificate of sponsorship, you might be able to work with Florence if the role you're applying for is on the shortage occupation list. However, this is dependent on whether you can meet our compliance requirements (for example, you hold the relevant care experience).

Important: At this time, Florence doesn’t offer visa sponsorship.

Limitations on work and working hours
There will be restrictions on how many hours you can work per week for a company other than your sponsoring employer. For most Skilled Worker visas, this is generally limited to 20 hours. This means you'll only be able to pick up one shift per week with Florence.

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