Student Visas (Previously T4 Visas) have restrictions on how many hours you can work per week.

During Term time, Students are restricted to working only 20 hrs a week, while in vacation time (confirmed by a letter from the University) they are unrestricted, and are able to pick up as many shifts as they like.

At this moment in time, during term time you will only be able to pick up one shift per week due to the limitations of our platform.

Once you have completed registration and are able to pick up shifts on the platform, you will be prompted to upload proof of holiday dates so during that period you can pick up unlimited shifts in that period.

From April 6 2022, new regulations were put in place by the Home Office on how Employers need to check a new employee's Right to Work status.

If you are not a UK Citizen, we will need a current share code from you instead of a copy of your Visa/Biometric Residence Permit.

When you get to the Right to Work section during your registration, simply select which Country you are a citizen of, and you will be sent an email from Onfido, a third party we use to verify your share code.

Onfido will send you a request for an additional document in order to finalise your Right to Work Report. This will usually be your enrollment letter. Once this has been finalised, the Right to Work section will automatically be cleared.

If your Share Code is in a different name than your current legal name, please click here on next steps.

Please note that due to the current limitations on our platform, we cannot accept Student Visas with a restriction of 10 hrs per week.

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