In order to work as a Nurse for Florence, we will need to verify your Nurse pin against the NMC Register.

Every so often an NMC is rejected during registration with us, but it usually has a very simple solution in order to get approved.

The most common reason is that a wrong letter or number has been provided.

'L's and 'I's get mixed up a lot, or 'S's and '5's too. However, if you are sure that you are providing the right pin, you can check this yourself by going to the NMC website and searching the register with your pin by clicking here.

Another common reason is that your NMC pin has been valid for less than one year. Unfortunately, we need at least one year of experience as a Nurse in order for you to work for Florence. However, if you are a Nurse who qualified overseas and has over 1-year experience including overseas experience, you can get more information on next steps by clicking here.

Lastly, another common reason maybe that there is a caution order or sanction on your NMC that we may need further information on. If this is the case, then our compliance team will be in touch. If you have an NMC Referral that you are looking to disclose, you can check out some information on it here.

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