In order to work as a Nurse for Florence, we will need to verify your Nurse Pin against the NMC Register.

If you have qualified as a Nurse overseas, and have an NMC Pin, you can absolutely work with Florence as a Nurse provided that you have over 1-year experience, including overseas experience.

When entering your NMC pin, enter your overseas qualification date, not your NMC registration date. Your Pin may be rejected due to being less than a year old if this is applicable, however, this can be sorted by speaking to a member of our team over live chat.

If you have qualified as a nurse overseas, however, you do not have an NMC pin, then we would need to wait for this to be issued to you. You can however sign up as a carer, and then add Senior Carer shifts to your profile once you are compliant as a Carer. Once your NMC pin comes through, then we can add Nursing shifts to your profile then.

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