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How do I apply for a hardship fund grant?
How do I apply for a hardship fund grant?
Written by Isabel Clift
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Florence has partnered with the Healthcare Workers Foundation to launch a Hardship Fund for Florence nurses, carers and support workers. Those needing financial support can apply for a grant of up to £1000.

What grants are available?

There are two grants available. You can apply for either one annually:

  • £250 grant - this is for healthcare workers who are struggling financially with their incoming and outgoing costs.

  • £1000 grant - this is to help healthcare workers with specific costs, eg a boiler breaking.

Are there requirements to be able to apply for the grants?

  • You must be a UK-based healthcare worker and currently in employment

  • Student applications are not accepted unless you are in paid employment, in a healthcare setting

  • Your application won't be considered if you, or your partner, own (or part-own) a second property.

Where do I apply?

Hit this button to see more information and apply for a hardship fund grant:

What do I need to do to apply?

You must fill in the required website form fields and provide evidence where needed, otherwise your application will be automatically rejected.

What sort of documents/evidence do I need to use in my application?

  • Your role as a healthcare worker - give your employer’s address and upload a copy of your official photo ID (including date of issue if applicable). A name badge is not sufficient.

  • Disability - if you have a disability, you must upload evidence of this (e.g. a letter from your GP).

  • Supporting evidence - provide details of your annual household income. This should include any benefits you receive. You must upload a full and recent bank statement for every account you hold, as well as your partner’s (if applicable). This includes savings and Pay Plan accounts, as well as ISAs. Failure to provide these will render your application incomplete and you will be declined a grant.

  • General fund applications only (further evidence required) - you may apply for an item or service up to the value of £1,000. Please do not apply for more than one item; the cost of one item only will be considered. Please make sure you provide details of the item/service you are requesting and of the evidence submitted.

When will I know the result of my application?

Grants are being assessed on a monthly basis. Please wait for a member of the Healthcare Workers Foundation team to get in touch with you.

Is there anyone I can contact for help on my application?

All the information you need is at

If you need any help, please email [email protected] for more information or help with your application.

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