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Agency Manager FAQs
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What is a neutral vendor?

A neutral vendor service allows us, as the neutral vendor, to act as your agent so that you can book agency staff from a selection of agencies under a standard set of favourable pricing, terms and conditions.

Our neutral vendor service provides a fair process, allowing agencies to be tiered and compete equally within each tier.

Using us, you can book temp staff best suited to your shifts from various agencies and get a single invoice each week, saving you time and money.

Can Florence be a master vendor?

Yes - Florence can provide a master vendor service and would be delighted to discuss this further.

For care providers in the private sector, there are typically VAT disadvantages to working with a master vendor, so we would recommend a neutral vendor.

If you are in the public sector, this is less of an issue, and master vendors tend to be the favoured option.

What is better, a neutral or master vendor?

There is no simple answer. It depends on your organisation and current set up. We would be happy to discuss this further and propose what we believe is the best solution for you.

What other sectors do you provide services to?

We only provide technology and staffing services to health and social care providers. Unlike many other neutral vendors, care is not an afterthought or add-on. We only do care. So, our entire operation is built with that in mind.

How can Florence be a neutral vendor when Florence also offers staffing?

Our neutral vendor offering is a separate company from our staffing company. We let our customers decide whether to add Florence's staffing business to their panel. There is no obligation to do this.

If you choose to add Florence to your panel, it is treated as every other agency in that tier. Florence will receive the shifts at the same time and get no preferential treatment.

Our system uses rule-based algorithms to match staff to your shifts, which you control. Simply put, our system keeps it fair and neutral.

Why should I use a neutral vendor or agency management solution?

Almost every home will engage with multiple agencies. Each agency is unique, so you will be managing different contracts, pricing and payment terms and approaches to compliance.

Managing this takes time, costs money, and, in some cases, can add risk.

A neutral vendor can take this off you and simplify everything, freeing you up to do other higher-value tasks.

Why should I use Florence Agency Manager?

At Florence, we are guided by our customers' needs and powered by technology's potential. Unlike others, we strive for simplicity, innovation and always, integrity:

  • We only work in the care sector - making us experts who truly understand you. From understanding care roles and needs to VAT rules.

  • When introducing a new solution, ease of use needs to be a top priority; our solutions are award-winning, with 91% of users rating Florence as "easy to use".

  • Transparency is at the heart of what we do - even with pricing.

  • Our customer support team is UK-based - meaning we can come and see you face to face and are always in your timezone.

What does it mean when neutral vendors offer me a share of savings?

Some neutral vendors look at your invoices and then offer to take a share of the savings. You only should pay a fair and transparent fee for the service, and any savings should be yours.

Should I use a procurement consultant to help me decide on the best solution?

Many of our customers tell us they are often approached by consultants to help them select the best provider. If you are looking to keep an eye on costs, we recommend doing this work research & comparison in-house.

However, if you do decide to use a consultant, we recommend carefully reviewing the terms of service, including best rates, contractual obligations and most importantly agreeing a fixed rate.

More information can be found here - Florence Agency Manager

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