Neutral Vendor Cost FAQ's
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Are the savings Florence neutral vendor offers 'real'?

The short answer is yes.

You'll get an individual spend analysis to let you know what savings you can expect to make. If you won't make savings with Florence, we will also let you know.

It important to also consider the indirect costs of the processing and managing multiple agency relationships when considering savings.

How much does Florence neutral vendor cost?

There is no added charge to book temp staff from Florence into shifts through neutral vendor.

  • Booking staff from non-Florence agencies into shifts costs 50p per hour plus VAT.

  • Booking your own staff into shifts costs 25p per hour.

  • There are no other fees.

What is Florence neutral vendor's VAT status?

We follow HRMC's guidelines.

Our fees when you book an agency worker or your own staff are VATable.

When you book an agency worker, HMRC nursing concession will apply.

Each case is different, but in most cases, nurses do not attract VAT, and neither do some carer roles.

More information can be found here - Florence Neutral Vendor

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