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How many agencies do you work with?

We work with over 300 agencies across the UK. We are happy to add other agencies to Florence if they pass our compliance standards. If you have a favourite agency not on our panel, we would be delighted to add them.

What fill rates does Florence neutral vendor achieve?

Typically, 99%.

Unfortunately, there will always be some shifts we can't fill. At Florence, we don't like to make empty promises, so we will never say 100%.

We will give your company an individualised, accurate forecast based on your previous and expected future usage.

What roles does Florence neutral vendor cover?

We cover all roles that a care provider may need. We primarily cover front-line care roles, including nurses, carers, and support workers, but we also provide catering, cleaning, driving, maintenance and administrator roles.

Can I add my local agency?

Yes, you can if they pass Florence's compliance standards. If they do not meet our standards we will discuss this with you and decide on the next steps.

What customer support does Florence neutral vendor provide?

Companies using Florence's neutral vendor solution each have a dedicated and backup account manager for ongoing support and training.

Your account manager and broader team are here to help you through any issues, 24/7.

What happens if an agency cancels a shift or I have an issue?

When a shift is cancelled you will be notified and Florence will automatically attempt to find you a replacement.

You can also remove agencies from your selection at will.

What about agency bookings that happen outside Florence neutral vendor?

While there are benefits to having all bookings go through Florence, outside bookings do occur. Florence can process the billing for these and capture the MI.

How long does implementing Florence neutral vendor take?

From signing the contract, Florence takes 2-4 weeks to implement across a mid-size care organisation.

More information can be found here - Florence Neutral Vendor

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