Direct invites are a fantastic way to help fill your shift and fast! When a nurse or carer accepts an invite, they are then automatically booked for your shift and you do not need to worry about approving their application.

If you would like to invite only certain individuals to your shift, it is best to use the option of manually sending invites. This will allow you to invite only those you choose to.

When you post the shift, make sure the option of ‘send invitations for me’ is not checked. This option will invite all of your favourites, along with recommended nurses/carers. For more information on this option, please see ‘How do direct invites work?’

To send a manual invitation, just click onto your ‘Shifts’ tab and then onto the shift you would like to send invitations for. In the top right corner will be the ‘direct invites’ option. Select this and you can then select who you would like to invite for this shift.

Once an invite has been accepted, you will receive an email to notify you of this and the shift will then appear under ‘Booked Shifts’.

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