Why has my PVG been rejected?
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A Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) certificate is an enhanced police check that's required to work in the care sector in Scotland.

Before you start picking up shifts with Florence, we'll need to apply for a new or updated PVG on your behalf through our organisation.

If your PVG has been rejected, it might be because:
• You have a basic disclosure PVG, rather than an enhanced PVG.
• Your PVG is under a different name.
• Your PVG is more than a year old.
• Your PVG is less than a year old, but it's from a third party. If you need an updated PVG through Florence, find out what to do here (https://help.florence.co.uk/en/articles/6158415-i-have-a-pvg-dated-in-the-last-12-months).
• Your PVG has a conviction on it.

If you have a conviction on your PVG, you may still be able to work with us after we've completed some extra checks. Find out more here (https://help.florence.co.uk/en/articles/6158429-i-have-a-conviction-on-my-pvg).

If you've never had a PVG, you can get the process started here (https://help.florence.co.uk/en/articles/6158456-i-have-never-had-a-pvg).

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