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Neutral Vendor: Right To Work Documents
Neutral Vendor: Right To Work Documents
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For the right to work section, we are looking for one of the following -

  • UK Passport

  • Work Permit

  • Visa

  • Irish Passport/Passport Card

  • UK Birth/Adoption/Naturalisation Certificate

  • Share Code

  • Employer Checking Service (ECS check)

  • NI Number

Please note we can't accept a BRP card for right to work, we would require a share code in this case.

More information can be found here: Neutral Vendor: What is acceptable for Right to Work?


When uploading these documents please ensure that any images are clear so our team can review these in full.

Please ensure any documents you upload are not password protected also as we are unable to access these and will need to reject them.

When uploading share codes we cannot accept the raw share code and need you to provide us with the result from this.

Please note: That NI numbers are not Proof of Right to Work on their own, and are only accepted as a supporting document.

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Click any of the below to get some more detailed information on what we can accept.

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