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Neutral Vendor - Archiving (Removing) Agency Workers
Neutral Vendor - Archiving (Removing) Agency Workers
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What is it and why have we implemented it?

A new feature that allows agency staff to archive/unarchive their workers, if for any reason a specific agency worker is no longer available to work the agency staff are able to archive them so they are no longer available to be proposed for shifts.

The workers details are retained in our database and can easily be unarchived by the agency staff if required.

What does it look like?

On the 'Staff Page'

The list of workers now shows an “Archive” button for each worker, when clicked this will show an “Are you sure?” prompt, if yes then the worker will be moved to the “Archived” tab.

Individual workers can also be archived/un-archived from their “Edit” page, any archived worker will have the orange “Archived” marker next to their name and compliance status.

The “Archived” filter on the workers table shows all archived workers along with an option to un-archive them individually.


Q. Will workers be permanently removed/deleted if I click “Archive”?

A. No, all worker details and documents are retained in our database and can be unarchived by the agency at any time.

Q. Can archived workers be proposed for shifts?

A. No, they will not appear in the dropdown list of workers on the shift page.

Q. Can archived workers still work shifts that they have already been proposed/approved for?

A. Yes, archiving a worker is purely for the agency’s admin benefit.

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