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Neutral Vendor:My workers documents have been rejected, why?
Neutral Vendor:My workers documents have been rejected, why?
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Rejected Documents

When our compliance team reviews documents each document type has specific requirements. If your documents are being rejected make sure you check our guides:

If you can’t see a potential reason here are some of the most common reasons documents are not being accepted.

- Profile Packs

-No profile photo on the pack

-Not enough relevant details (background check, training, PINs)

-Name does not match the worker

- Photo Identification

-Out of date

-Uploaded as incorrect type

-Not accepted form of ID

- Background/Criminal Record Checks

-Not a first party or not on the Update Service

-Certificate number or issue date not visible

-Older than 3 years

- Right to Work Documents

-BRP/Entry Clearance uploaded instead of Share Code

-NI Number uploaded as standalone RTW (requires Full Birth Certificate)

-Short Birth Certificates are invalid

-Raw Share Code uploaded without results page

- Registration Pins

-Incorrect worker pin

-Not showing on the register

-Sanctions showing on their ability to practise

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