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How do I post a shift but only invite my favourite care professionals?
How do I post a shift but only invite my favourite care professionals?
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If you want to fill your shifts with your favourite care professionals, you have a few options when posting a new shift:

1. Post the shift as a 'Pre-arranged shift'
Selecting this option allows you to send the shift directly to your preferred nurse, carer or support worker, rather than first posting the shift publicly on Florence. Find out more about pre-arranged shifts here (

2. Select 'Send invitations to your Florence favourite and recommended nurses' when posting a new shift
You'll find this toggle on by default before you post a new shift. This means that any relevant care professionals you've added as well as our recommendations will receive an invite to your shift and have the option to book it instantly.

3. Send a direct invite after posting a shift
You can speed up the process of filling the shift by sending direct invites to avoid having to manually approve applicants. If a care professional accepts your invitation they are automatically approved to work this shift.

Find out how to send direct invites here (

Once an invite has been accepted, you'll receive an email confirmation and the shift will appear under your 'Booked Shifts'.

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