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Neutral Vendor: Agencies - Adding Your Workers
Neutral Vendor: Agencies - Adding Your Workers
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To start adding your workers to the Neutral Vendor platform head over to the “Staff” tab. From here you’ll see a list of your already added workers, their current status and have the ability to add more.

To add a new worker we require a some details about them. This ensures that we’re able to inform healthcare organisations of who will be attending and booked shifts whilst also making sure they’re able to work within the UK Care Sector.

Personal Details

To get started click the “Add Worker” button form the staff page

Input the workers details:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • National Insurance Number

  • Select the relevant worker types - (More on this below.)

We also require that a photo headshot be uploaded against each worker as a verification step for when the worker arrives for their shift that the correct person is attending any booked shifts.

Make sure the photo is uploaded before being made compliant as once your worker is marked as compliant you will be unable to change this.

Worker Types

Each worker can have a number of roles associated to them. This will determine which shifts a worker can be proposed.

Compliance documents

Once you have added a workers personal details, they will be marked as non compliant meaning that they cannot be proposed for shifts. In order to make sure all workers are able to work within the UK Care Sector we require a couple of documents to be provided.

Note You only need to provide one document under each category

Once submitted, these documents will be reviewed by our internal compliance team. After all documents are approved workers will be marked as compliant and available to be proposed to shifts. Once a document has been reviewed by our team you will be notified via email of the outcome.

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